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Welcome, and thank you for wanting to be a part of this awesome project! I will be adding more details here later, but here are the basics to get you started.

Page Naming Standards[edit]

The page for a character should be the first and last name if known.

Ship names should be the full name of the ship.

If there is a naming conflict, you can use Parens with a unique detail to differentiate between the two. For example, Lois McKendrick (Person) is a different page than Lois McKendrick.


A page dedicated to year should start with the word Year, such as Year 2351. We should not use anything more specific than a year (as in a page just for a single day) unless there is a really good reason to justify it.

Technical How To[edit]


To create a link to a page, put the title of the page inside of two square brackets. Then after you save you will see that text turned into a link. Like this:

[[Ishmael Wang]]

To make a link say something other than the full name of the page, use the Pipe symbol ( | ) after the page name.

[[Ishmael Wang | Ish]]

The above syntax will create a link to the page named Ishmael Wang but the link name will be Ish. Like this: Ish


To make a note, use the ref tags.

<ref>This is a footnote</ref>


Please make sure every page has a category assigned to it. Use the categories from our document on the FaceBook group. If a page doesn't fit into one of the categories we established, then use Category:Other and we will address it later.


To make a link to a category without adding the current page to the category, start the link name with a colon.