Owners Share (Book)

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Owner’s Share

Published on February 28, 2014 by Durandus Publishing

575 Pages spanning from December 10th 2372 to January 1st 2374.

When Diurnia Salvage and Transport undergoes a change in management, Captain Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself adrift in a sea of red ink, and intrigue. He dives in only to find that he is over his head in a universe where cut-throat competition takes on an all new meaning. What tragic price will Captain Wang pay for his Owner’s Share?

“Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board”. The first line as all Nathan’s novels do, contains a great deal of weight towards the coming story, this was no different.

In this 6th book of the Traders Tales series we are reunited with our crew of the Agamemnon. First Mate Ms. Gwen Thomas, “Billy the Buccaneer” our Second Mate Mr. William Pall, Chief Engineer Ms. Greta Gerheart, Cargo Chief Mr. Avery Wyatt, and Able Spacers Mr. Hill, Mr. Schubert, and Ms. Stacy Arellone. But during the approach to Diurnia (Orbital) they learn that DST ( Diurnia Salvage & Transport) experiences a major shakeup and are forced to make changes to their Fleet and Assignments.

Our Captain Ishmael Wang leaves the Agamemnon and starts his own company Icarus with the help of Mr. Geoff Maloney’s financial advisors Larks, Simpson & Green’s very own Dr. William Simpson as well as a few other investors, that are assembled thanks to the hard work of Ms. Kirstine Kingsly.

Ishmael’s first ship Iris aka Jezebel, is a Higbee 9500 10 Metric Kiloton Fast Packet that is very much out of shape. With the help of his new Bodyguard Ms. Arellone, Kirstine’s Grandfather Chief Bailey, Mr. Maloney’s daughter Ms. Christine Maloney, and an able spacer Percival Herring, he gets the ships back together and not only making money, but building quite the reputation along the way.