Lois McKendrick

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This article is about the ship, SC Lois McKendrick. For information about the person, see Lois McKendrick (Person).

The SC Lois McKendrick was the first ship that Ishmael Wang got a job on. The ship was owned by Federated Freight.

The berthing area has ten pairs of bunks, each with a full locker. There are two berthing areas on the ship for the majority of crew members. One of the berthing areas is for the Engineering Division.


Coffee Capacity 3 x polished copper and stainless steel Twenty-Liter coffee urns.

Ishmael makes the coffee with 100 grams of coffee per liter, so about 2 kilos per pot. He also brews the coffee with cold water and ensures the pots are regularly scrubbed out with white vinegar. They use a Schmidt Coffee Mill to grind their own coffee beans. Djartmo Arabasti is the coffee bean of choice for the crew.

Ships Log[edit]

For detailed events and dates check out the Lois McKindrick Ship Log.




  • Sandy Belterson