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Ancient lit professor at the university on Neris. Died in a Flitter crash with her boyfriend, Randy Lawrence, on August 13, 2351. Ish's mom loved Coffee and that's much of the reason why he is big into it. It was something they did together.

When Ish got his mom's urn with her ashes, he placed it on the coffee table and reminisced about their time enjoying coffee together, with their feet up. She was married on 2328 March 3 and divorced on 2335 May 21. Both events occured on Diurnia

Dad Father's name wasFranklin Prescott Wang Somewhere in the Diurnia Quadrant.

Life Before A Spacer[edit]

Ishmael is a Land Rat from Neris who was given 90 days to find employment with the Neris Company or leave the planet after finding out about his mother's death. Since his mom did not die on the job Ishmael did not receive survivor's benefits.

It is mentioned that Ish has friends, that he calls "mates", but they never showed up after his mom passed away. He never considered them "best friends" anyway, saying "I didn't have a lot of friends to begin with. I'd read about best friends in novels and such, but I'd never actually had one."

He does name one friend, Angela Markova, who he says had been the closest thing when he was a kid, but she left Neris at the end of "fifth form" when her father took a job with another company.

Ishmael was supposed to have started at the university one month after his mom passed. He didn't really want to, but since his mom was a professor it was forced on him. He settled on a degree in plant biology to get his mom to stop bugging him about it. But enrollment to the university was restricted to Neris employees and their dependents only.

Ish looked at his options for getting off planet, but they were few. NerisCo would move him to Siren, the nearest non-company system, but it would cost several kilocreds more than he had, and he didn't want to start his new life off in debt. There were only two options, enlisting in the Galactic Marines, or signing on with a merchant vessel at Union Hall.

Ishmael got the call to ship out on September 03, 2351.

Ishmael graduated from Port Newmar in May 22, 2358 as a Third Mate. His first job after graduation was with Diurnia Salvage and Transport. He graduated 122 in a class of 438. This was considered a good showing for a first generation spacer.